So i was in class yesterday and we had a sub. Our teacher gave us work sheets to do on our computers. I wear alot of bracelets. I wear 6 on each arm. This is like the 3rd week of school and I even talk to the head of the uniform comity. The sub comes up to me and shows me the uniform rules and says I have to many bracelets. So I nicely tell her yes ma’m but I leave them on. So I was listening to music on YouTube. And it was 30 Seconds to Mars Do or Die but I clicked the video. i was about to go back to my work and the sub comes up to me again. She says I should be doing my homework. I look around the class room and everyone else was listening to music on their computer too. I told her I was just listening to music and she rolled her eyes and went back to her desk.¬†


I just started school this week and im getting used to my schedule. i looking at it and went to Theology. there was a teacher handing papers at the door so i grabbed one and went in. when i went in and sat down there were 7th graders in there. so i quickly and quietly walked out and handed the paper back to the teacher. i looked at my schedule and i was looking at the wrong day. i walked quickly to class and i was almost late 

Yup all of this would be me